Functionland Solution vs Google Cloud


It's been two months since my last post on Peeranha, during which time there has been a huge amount of new communities! Happy to see it)

Even then I turned my mind to Functionland as the next iteration of cloud storages, thought of Web3 Google Cloud. That's how it seemed to me at the time.

I recently stumbled across Functionland on Twitter by chance and decided to see what they had changed in the meantime. I was bloody surprised that I was wrong comparing Google Cloud and Box from Functionland or check this article.

Why do we cant compare them?

Extra Storage

Think of this solution as Google gives you the possibility to whenever you need extra storage you just but a SSD yourself and give it to them and they increase the quote but you have all the benefits of sharing, collaboration, backup and no monthly fees.

Basically Box, gives you the option to add as much storage as you need and expand whenever you want. Immediate benefit for you is that You don't need to setup raid, as backup is handled on chain securely and you can share your photos with anyone easily with a Photos App which is similar to Google/Apple photos and access your photos from anywhere in the world.

Internet connection

Even if you have no/slow Internet at home, your photos still goes to your box at very high speed and gets backed up tot he chain.


First and foremost, Box is a hardware cloud solution.

Secondly, Functionland is a plug&play solution for your work space. To make long story short - this article will help.

Fee and earning

Fula Network, native token as an incentive for participation and so on. TLRD - this calculator.

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