What are the differences between bloxes?


What are the major differences between the 2 types of bloxes?

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*BLOX LITE*: It is one tower which functions as a hub, allowing users to connect additional devices such as an external storage drive and would come with two USBC ports. (You need to connect your own storage) *BLOX XL*: comes with a base, grid and two active towers, one tower is the base and the other one comes with 1TB pre-installed, the other perks of XL: • Ability to expand your Blox with 7 towers, so you can add compute towers in the future • Blox XL Includes the Hub towers that allows user to configure connection between towers through the mobile App • Hub tower also acts as a docking station to connect different peripherals to a laptop (through the designated USB-C on the tower) • Modular design of Blox XL enables independent hardware creators to build innovative utility towers to expand the functionality of Blox • A lineup of partners are working with Functionland to provide their own mining towers for this form factor, so Blox can also mine tokens other than FULA down the line