Relation with CUDOS


What is your relation with CUDOS? The idea is similiar if not same however you both have a different token.

Just wondering why not join with CUDOS.

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"Commenting on the collaboration, Nuno Perreira, vice president of partnerships at Cudos, said, “Our partnership with Functionland aligns on the principles of decentralisation and democratisation. Our applications at Cudo Compute are designed to benefit consumers by utilising the spare capacity of existing hardware, thereby providing them with a new revenue stream. Functionland, on the other hand, provides consumers with the ownership of storage infrastructure and democratises access to cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. They aim to create an open ecosystem for software/hardware developers by offering ‘Monetized Open Source,’ and we are happy to be part of this shared vision.”

Both Cudos and Functionland are challenging the monopoly of the centralised cloud computing giants. While Functionland aims to protect the consumers from the rising cloud subscription costs and lack of data privacy with its Blockchain-Attached Storage (BAS), Cudos is building an alternative, sustainable solution to provide near-limitless computational capacity through a distributed network of nodes.

Keyvan M. Sadeghi, CEO of Functionland, commented, “Functionland is developing FULA, a layer 3 blockchain with big.LITTLE architecture. The “LITTLE” nodes in a pool are constrained by CPU and storage. Hence there’s a need for “big” nodes within the same pool to process heavier loads such as validating layer 2. Cudos and Fula can synergise by Cudos being a “big” node provider for Fula. In turn, Fula “LITTLE” nodes add extra compute power to the Cudos network. We are excited and honoured about our partnership with Cudos, and we believe it will accelerate growth for both companies.” "